Norjen Technologies offers a variety of services for implementing shop floor automation and improving productivity:


Norjen has been involved in the installation and commissioning of robotics in manufacturing for over 20 years. We have worked on applications such as material handling, welding, high pressure water cutting/trimming, and machine tending. We continue to do research into new and innovative processes and techniques using robots. Robots have proven to be invaluable to manufacturing, not only for their flexibility and speed, but the ability to improve work environments and workplace safety. If you need advice selecting, installing, training, or programming we can help. As experienced integrators we can give guidance in the initial phases, deciding what can be automated and how. You might need a few days of program training or a need to install a complete robotic system. If you need robotics or are uncertain if robotics will work for you give us a call.


Offline Programming and Simulation

One concern we often hear with regards to implementing robotics is the time required to program the robot. For manufacturers who run many different parts programming can become a major limiting factor on uptime for a robotic cell. For this reason Norjen began offering services that allowed for offline programming of robots to reduce downtime and increase efficiency. The first product Norjen offered was a software package called SketchyRobo that was a plugin for Google Sketchup that allowed for the offline programming of our ABB Waterjet Cutting Cells. This software was very successful and has been used in multiple plants for production for over five years. More recently Norjen has partnered with In-House Solutions using their Octopuz software to expand our offline programming offerings to more applications, and to allow for modelling of robotic applications before they are ever implemented. Simulation of robot cells allows manufacturers to check fixture designs ahead of time and avoid costly fabrication of prototypes. It also allows for very accurate cycle time calculations which is critical for estimating the output of a robotic cell.


Control Design

Norjen has 40 years of industrial controls experience. We have been involved in implementing motor control centers, manufacturing control enclosures, and factory automation production lines. We have done work in industrial manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, and the energy sector. We are familiar with control techniques such as Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) and more advance control methods such as Fuzzy Logic and non-linear systems. Currently we work with PC based controls but have also worked with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) from Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modicon, Omron and others. These days many control systems are adding LCD Touch Screens and complex Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems. Norjen has developed an HMI system that can be interfaced to any machine to help simplify operation, monitor production, calculate utilization and provide remote support systems for our clients. If you require assistance in design, troubleshooting, or implementation of controls for a production line, machine, or plant, please let us know, we would be happy to help you.

Industrial Machine Safety & Safeguarding

Norjen fully recognizes the need to have shop floor equipment meet the stringent safety standards set out by Workplace, Safety and Health and CSA. An employer must have policies in place that not only focus on employee safety and health but provide safe machinery on which to work. For example, Norjen Engineers install all robots to CSA Z434-03, Z432-04 and Workplace, Safety and Health Standard 217, section 16. It is important to note that all shop floor equipment should meet the above standards for safety and guarding. Unfortunately, many machines are several decades old and do not comply with these updated regulations. For example many Power Presses in use today fail to comply with CSA Z142-10, the safety standard for Power Presses. It is the employer's responsibility to inspect and upgrade these machines to meet the current standards. Norjen Engineers will provide a risk assessment of current machinery with recommendations for improvement to meet these safety standards.