Company Profile

Norjen Technologies, a Manitoba leader in industrial robotics, assists companies involved in manufacturing to improve production, by implementing automation to reduce input costs. Formed in 1978 the company has evolved through many stages of Custom Electronic Design and Software to the current work of interfacing specialized robots in manufacturing. Today, this includes Welding, Material Handling, Quality Control, Machine Vision and High Pressure Water Cutting applications. We continue to explore new advanced techniques and equipment in order to help develop tools to shorten production time and increase efficiencies in manufacturing.

In addition, Norjen can help steer companies towards professionals who will help your company make an application for Federal Governments grants and tax credits "when available".

In todays industrial environment shop floor safety has become more important to companies not just to meet safety requirements but to maintain company image and worker moral. An employer must have policies in place that not only focus on employee safety and health but provide safe machinery on which to work. Current machine safety standards and CSA can be a challenge to understand and even more to implement. With our over 40 years of engineering experence and extensive knowledge in electronic controls, we can guide you in the right direction.

Norjen's focus is on learning, understanding and teaching. We work closely with clients to determine their needs and understand their manufacturing processes. Our goal is to make sure that your company remains safe, competitive and "in control" of your process in today's market place.